The Four Days of Events

Four villages will be hosting a day each. Activities may change or evolve as the year goes on. but this is a broad stroke at what will occur.

Monday August 17 2020 – Castel del Monte (beginning time TBA)

Our reunion will begin here.  We chose a day when there will be a big open air market in the town during the day. We are hoping to have a booth to welcome you as an attendee. You will receive a wrist band to identify yourself as a reunion member and if you have ordered a  prepaid momento it will be waiting for you (details to come later).  In the evening we will join the town in celebrating The Night of the Witches … an event you do not want to miss!

An really interesting description of the history of Castel del Monte can be found at:

Did you know that Castel del Monte has a connection to the Medici’s as well as to George Clooney?

Tuesday August 18 2020 – Ofena (beginning time TBA)

The wonderful people of Ofena have agreed to host our reunion group once again. It will be a full day of activities.  We are hoping to provide tours of a winery, a cheese factory, guide historical walks, traditional Abruzzo cooking classes etc. (more about this later). 

Wednesday August 19 2020 – Villa Santa Lucia

This reunion day and early evening will include an attendee-provided shared picnic, a music event performed by villagers and talented reunion members … and finally, a communal singsong! … hoping to have a classic film shown on a wall in the piazza to round out the day. (more about this later)

Thursday August 20, 2020 – Carrufo

We will be celebrating the final day of our reunion in the little town with the big heart. Those who attended the 2012 reunion have never forgotten the warmth and comraderie shown to us by the town of Carrufo. It will begin with an open air mass, and end with much dancing, singing and tears (of happiness) as we all say goodbye and go back home.

A Bocce Tournament will run for several days of the reunion for those who want to show their prowess.

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