Reunion Trip Information

Some very useful information and advice for those of us who are travelling to Europe for the first time.  

  1. Groceries for your stay should be picked up before arriving in Villa or Carrufo.  Ofena and Castel del Monte will have grocery stores. 
  2.  Small towns often only take cash and bank machines are rare. 
  3. Take clothes that do not need ironing. Also socks that will dry overnight! 
  4. A rain jacket with a hood will remove the need for taking an umbrella. 
  5. Wear comfortable walking shoes that you have broken in. Backless shoes are useless if you plan to do any trail walking on the local steep paths. 
  6. Tuck in some band aids for the inevitable blisters. 
  7. Take enough medications for the duration of your holiday with labels attached. Unidentified pills can be confiscated.
  8. GPS is a good guide but can be unreliable in rural areas.  Investing in an up-to-date road map of the area may be a good idea. 
  9. Notify your credit card company of the dates you will be in Europe. 
  10. Remember the difference in electricity and plugs in Europe, also, Italy’s plugs differ from the rest of Europe. 
  11. Do not carry your valuables in a large open purse, as pickpockets are still common in Italy, especially in crowded areas. Buy a money belt or cloth pocket purse on a cord that you can wear under your clothes. Keep your credit card, passport and ticket home in that pouch at all times.
  12. If you plan to use your cell phone check with your service provider before you leave.

Below find some sources of information about the 4 towns who will be hosting our reunion in August 2020 (These are just a small sampling … do your own searches as well)

Websites and Facebook Pages

Castel Del Monte


Villa Santa Lucia


facebook page:

The active members of some of these pages communicate  mostly in Italian but you can copy the comments and paste them into Google Translate if you can’t read Italian:

Local organizations


One definition is “for the place” associations. You will hear this word many times during your visit. In the area where our celebrations will take place, there are two, one in the community of Villa Santa Lucia, and one in Carrufo.

These are grassroots organizations, very similar to our community associations.  Like its North American counterpart, it is generally a group of volunteer individuals who have gathered together to promote a particular place, almost always a town, commune or village in Italy. Most likely representatives are either chosen or elected, to raise awareness and to decide upon issues within their specific area.

They “promote folk culture, and seek the original spirit” and a multitude of other concerns as they affect their neighbors and their community. They usually have a hall where parties and various events are held.  ProLocos are non-political.

Memberships can be purchased for 10 Euros/year.  The price is right…..makes you want to sign-up and become a member of  your family’s commune!

You can check the one in Carrufo here: , or in Villa Santa Lucia here:

Travel Only - Dianne Liberto

Travel Only – Dianne Liberto

Some have asked travel related questions and one of the people who will be travelling and attending the picnic would like to offer her help if anyone needs it. Dianne would be more than happy to help you out with your travel arrangements and any pre and post plans that you may have.

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