From an International Italian airport: e.g. Fiumicino or Pescara is a comprehensive website that gives you all you need to make a decision about how to get to the reunion.  Use one of the hosting villages for your destination in your search.


If money is no problem then there are taxis in L’Aquila that would make the run to the villages.

Car Rentals:

If at all possible (and ready for Italian drivers…) you can always rent a car. That will give you maximum mobility and you will be able to reach other towns in the area very easily. However, you should keep in mind that many cars (the least expensive ones) are small. Two people and a small amount of luggage is typically a full load. Cars are almost always standard transmission so you need to know how to drive the old fashion way. It might be less expensive to book your car rental before you get to Italy. Check the following websites for details (in Italian):

Avis and Hertz car rentals and local companies have offices at Fumicino and Pescara airports.

A good tourist/guide book is, it has some great information (in Italian)

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