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Abruzzo Family Reunion 2020 Contribution

At the 2012 reunion, we asked for contributions to pay for the various charges that the reunion would be responsible for.  This included rentals of chairs, cleanup crews, etc.  People were very generous and when the reunion was finished, and all expenses paid, 1000.00 Euros was sent to each of the villages.

In 2020 each person will be asked for a one time contribution of 20 Euros on their first day of attendance at the reunion.  There will be a designated registration table on each day of the reunion for those people who are only planning to attend for some of the days.  The location of the registration tables in each village will be determined closer to the reunion dates.

We are hoping for 20 Euros or the cash equivalent from each contributor. Children 12 and under will receive a name tag and bracelet without contributing.

Each contributor will receive an ID bracelet and a name tag.

Again, any money not used will be divided amongst the 4 villages at the reunion’s end.

The organizers and volunteers for this Abruzzo Family Reunion 2020 will not receive any remuneration.

The Abruzzo Family Reunion 2020 Facebook page and this website will have an accounting of monies spent and donated.

The reasons for the contribution route in 2020 are the same as in 2012.

  1. It was decided right at the beginning of our plans that we want to give something back to the villages after we leave, something that we can give to each of the four villages to remember this event.
  2. There will be costs involved but we have not been able to pin down the exact amounts nor have we been able to be completely sure of the numbers of people attending.
  3. It has been requested by several Abruzzo descendants that even though they cannot make this trip they would like to donate some money to the events of that weekend. Let me know by email.

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