What You Can Expect

In some ways, the simple life that your ancestors left is still alive in the Abruzzo region.  Until recently few tourists have found their way to the mountainous region between Rome and Pescara.  First timers will have an experience unlike any other vacation they’ve ever been on.

There are many people who have fallen in love with the area and the quiet, peaceful life that still exists there.  You will be surrounded by clean water, clean air, and breathtaking vistas

Abruzzo has many natural attractions and a rich culture like more touted Italian destinations. On this visit, you will have a chance to learn some of the history of your ancestors’ birthplaces. We expect people to mingle, interact and share their origins in order to get to know each other and get to know this part of Italy that is not usually featured in tour books.

The life style is simple and laid back.  People are welcoming and generous and filled with pride for their region.  We will have an opportunity to experience the rural environment that formed the character of our ancestors, the roots we are trying to reconnect with.

For the most part, the smallest villages of Carrufo, and Villa Santa Lucia degli Abruzzo, are inhabited by elderly residents who speak only Italian, however, at this reunion you will encounter both residents and attendees who can help you communicate.

The numbers of residents in these small villages may be fewer than the number of reunion attendees.   Accommodation is limited in the 4 towns of Villa Santa Lucia, Carrufo, Ofena, and Castel del Monte.  You will not find hotel  chains,  shopping malls or large grocery stores.  You will find clean, cozy accommodations with the kind of  hospitality  given to family.

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